About Us

Fenix Group, a 100% Italian company, has been at the forefront of the field of aesthetics and medical-aesthetic equipment, always basing its strength on Research and development. Fenix Group is the company that has developed the Endosphères Therapy technology, a patented Compressive Microvibration method, which in recent years has proved itself as the treatment of excellence to combat panniculopathies (cellulite) and adipose accumulations.

Endosphères Therapy

Born in collaboration with Institutes that have developed a treatment Scientific Protocol for guaranteed results against cellulite and wrinkles, the Endosphères Therapy treatment is 100% non-invasive and 100% Made in Italy. Through a roller composed of 55 spheres made of hypo-allergenic silicone, it generates mechanical vibrations at low frequency which act right on the main causes of cellulite: lymphatic stasis, the accumulation of liquids and agglomerates of adipose cells. 

100% non-invasive and 100% Made in Italy


But our search for perfection is far from over and the company is taking another step forward in technology with the presentation of the SENSOR system: the first machine in the world capable of recognising the degree of cellulite and apply the appropriate therapy. The handpiece, equipped with sensors, recognises the type of tissue and assesses with precision the energy to be applied on it in relation to morphology and number of sessions. Consequently, it automatically calibrates the pressure and vibratory frequency, so as to adapt and customise the treatment to the needs of the individual patient by optimising the working times and increasing the results.

The newly patented device – the jewel in the crown of technology – is available in two versions:
AkSensor, intended to treat the body and AkSensor ALL, equipped with a double handpiece, which allows for the use of Sensor technology for the treatment of body and face.


Fenix Group is a dynamic company which is attentive to communication. Every year, it invests in advertising campaigns on specialised and industry magazines, and it is active with two internet sites and actively present on social networks. Fenix Group supports and helps its customers across all business phases: in addition to an efficient technical service, it helps the customer from the start-up phase to the consolidation of the business. In order to be able to use the devices, it is mandatory to follow a theoretical and practical training course that illustrates the scientific protocol and the movements to be performed, necessary for the proper use and hence for obtaining the desired results, following which a certificate for Endosphères Therapy operators will be issued.

The company has a detailed commercial protocol that offers many opportunities for customers wishing to include Endosphères Therapy devices in their centre, and supports the customer in spreading knowledge of Endosphères Therapy to customers. Perfection in body shaping – promised and totally obtained thanks to Endosphères Therapy and its devices – is emerging strongly in the world of aesthetics at the national and international level: from Russia to Spain, from Chile to Great Britain, from the United Arab Emirates and the Baltic countries to the USA. The company’s winning mission is to develop the best electro-medical solutions with the intent of producing and distributing the most innovative, competitive and efficient devices, with the development of technologies based on preliminary scientific studies, necessary to ensure results and safety, thus becoming the flagship and pride of Made in Italy products.