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Endosphères Therapy® SR – Face is based on the principle of Compressive Microvibration® that, through the transmission of low frequency vibrations up to 310 Hz, is capable of generating a pulsed and rhythmic action on the tissues. The handpiece contains a cylinder that rotates on itself, in which 60 anallergic silicone spheres are installed, positioned in a honeycomb-like pattern, with specific density and diameter. The direction of rotation and the pressure used ensure that microcompression is transmitted to the tissues; the frequency – measurable through the variation of the speed of the cylinder – generates microvibration; and the right combination of these forces, together with the time of application, determines the intensity of treatment, adaptable to the clinical condition of the specific patient.

SR FACE – the innovative anti-wrinkle device

100% non-invasive / no side effects


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The Anti-wrinkle device

Pulsed Action

Thanks to the honey-comb arrangement of the spheres, the low frequency vibrations generate a pulsed, rhythmic action on the tissues.


Vibration works on the tissues through pressures and lifts, improving microcirculation in the treated areas.

Lymphatic System

The pulsed action of the spheres works on the lymphatic system eliminating the liquids in excess, typical to the lymphatic stasis.

Collagen and Elastin

Endosphères Therapy method produces an increase in vascularisation that allows, for the natural
stimulation of fibroblasts, to produce Collagen and Elastin.

Tissue Toning

Endosphères Therapy® works on muscles using them as active resistance, allowing an improvement of tone on skin and muscles.

Mobile Handpiece

A sophisticated electronic apparatus, controls the functions of the mobile handpiece, on which the “cylindrical rotor” is installed, which transmits the treatment to the tissues.

Proven Results

Clinically proven results in only a few sessions. Endosphères Therapy® and the devices are clinically tested and are registered trademarks of Fenix Group.

Face Treatment Handpiece

The handpiece for face treatment fights face blemishes with a 100% non-invasive method. It smooths out wrinkles in only one session. The localised and customised treatment improves its effectiveness and enhances the results. 

Application Fields

Innovative features allow to perform treatments in various fields: Health, Wellness, Aesthetics, Rehab, Sports.

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